Outgoing Board Member: Scott Berglund

Outgoing Board Member: Scott Berglund Main Photo

14 Feb 2024

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Scott is the Plant Manager of Safco Products in Milford. He served on the board from October 2021 through December 2023. When asked what he learned about the Corridor or region by being on the board, he said “the opportunities for economic growth in the area.”

One of his favorite parts of being a part of the Iowa Lakes Corridor Board of Directors was the opportunity to assist staff in requesting funds from the county.

“My company needs human resources and to get them we need attract them. The more your local economy seems to be growing, the more attractive you seem to be as a desirable place to live.”

Scott suggests that if you have good ideas, want to be active in the community, and have the time to really invest in the board, then it is a great opportunity to make those things come together.

Thank you, Scott, for your years of service on the Iowa Lakes Corridor Development Corporation Board of Directors!