Relocate in the Iowa Lakes Corridor for Affordable Housing and Low-Cost Utilities

23 Sep 2022


The Iowa Lakes Corridor is a great place to live and offers affordable housing, low-cost utilities, and an excellent standard of living.

There are a variety of housing options in the Iowa Lakes Corridor, including traditional and modern homes, condos, countryside and lake front properties, all at median housing values that are both generally low, and lower than the Iowa statewide average, which is already significantly lower than the national average. For those who prefer to rent, there are affordable options for that, too.

Find Out More About the Affordable Housing and Low-Cost Utilities in the Iowa Lakes Corridor

In addition to affordable housing, the Iowa Lakes Corridor offers low-cost, quality, reliable utilities as well. Some of the providers include Black Hills Energy, a natural gas provider; Iowa Lakes Regional Water, a water and sewer provider, and Mediacom, which offers cable TV and internet services.

Contact us to learn more about affordable housing, low-cost utilities and how you can relocate to the Iowa Lakes Corridor and get a great life in the Lakes Region of Northwest Iowa!