What's the Y? | Burlin Matthews

20 Feb 2023

What's the Y?, Video, Iowa, Board of Directors, Partnerships

Former Clay County Supervisor and Iowa Lakes Corridor Board member Burlin Matthews sat down with Corridor President & CEO Shannon Landauer as a part of the Corridor's What's the Y? video series. They discussed the benefits of a regional economic development entity, it's unique characteristics and the importance of partnerships.

"I just think it’s one of the best things we have going in the state of Iowa is our Corridor, and I’m glad not everybody’s doing it. Because one of the things that I learned since coming on the board is the depth of scope that the Corridor has and how you work with the State of Iowa, how we can work together as four counties and not be jealous of each other, thinking someone’s getting a better deal than someone else, and that’s just not something I’ve ever experienced in my relationship with other county supervisors.