Where are they now? | Jake Kopriva, OEI 2013

Where are they now? | Jake Kopriva, OEI 2013 Main Photo

6 Jun 2023

Okoboji Entrepreneurial Institute, OEI, Entrepreneurship

Name: Jake Kopriva

Company: Freedom Boat Club

Title: Franchise Owner

Location: Okoboji, Clear Lake, Lansing

Year attended OEI: 2013

Tell us about your journey:

I started the boat club 8 years ago in Clear Lake after deciding to take the leap in following my passion of helping people enjoy the lake. I was the first person to open a boat club in Iowa. Although, boat clubs have been around since the early 90s in Florida, I have had the task of educating the market here in Iowa. Recently, I joined forces with the industry leader, Freedom Boat Club. They have great history and over 350 locations across the US and now in Europe. My goal with the boat club is to simplify the boating experience while creating memories that will last a lifetime

What has the impact of OEI been on your career and life?

I met a lot of other students in the program who shared the same entrepreneurial dreams. I also met and shook hands with successful business owners who made me realize the entrepreneurial dream can be achievable with hard work.

Do you have any mentors (in Okoboji or elsewhere) who have helped you along the way? How valuable have mentors been to your career?

I consider anyone who has shared information with me on how they have created or managed a business as a mentor. I am constantly asking business owners what has worked for them and what hasn't. I like to take in all the information I can. I am not afraid to reach out to people and have found that a lot of people like to share information about their successes.  

Please share one or two of your favorite OEI memories:

Of course, I am competitive so I would have to say our team winning the competition was the big highlight. Second, was seeing first hand the lifestyle that I wanted to live and understanding that it could be possible

How would you describe OEI to a student who has never heard of the program?

OEI is an opportunity you do not want to pass. Plus, Okoboji is one of the best places to be in the summer! At OEI, you will learn and grow in your entrepreneurial endeavors.