Outgoing Board Member: Doug Benjamin

Outgoing Board Member: Doug Benjamin Main Photo

15 Feb 2024

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Doug Benjamin served on the Corridor Board of Directors for six and a half years, from July 2017 through December 2023 representing Northwest Bank in Clay County. During his time on the Board, Doug was on the executive committee for three years, acting as Board Treasurer from 2020 to 2022, Board Chair in 2022, and Past Chair in 2023.

What is the biggest project or event you enjoyed being a part of as a Corridor Board Member?
The years I was Board Chair and Past Chair we had to replace a long time CEO and VP two times. That took many hours and reflection on what the Corridor needs to look like in the future. 

What is something that you’ve learned about the Corridor since joining the board that surprised you?
What a small percentage of the time we spend trying to and successfully bringing new companies to the area and the high percentage of time we spend helping existing business expand and grow.

Why is Economic Development important to you or your company/industry?
Working in the banking industry it is imperative to have a strong community if we want our bank to be successful. The Corridor is key to coordinating and being a resource to ignite and sustain economic growth.

Why should someone else pursue a board seat at the Corridor?
I have been involved in many boards over my career and this is one of the most satisfying and interesting boards. Helping existing businesses grow and the impact it has on families and communities is extremely rewarding to me. 

And a fun one: Cake, Pie, or Ice Cream?
Ice cream- so many options and usually involves a celebration and warm weather!

Doug, thank you for your time on the board, and your impact and leadership on the executive committee!