Okoboji Music Masters awarded Okoboji Foundation youth in Philanthropy Grant

4 Jun 2024



Okoboji Music Masters Awarded Okoboji Foundation Youth in Philanthropy Grant

Okoboji, Iowa – Okoboji Music Masters (OMM) is thrilled to announce that they have been awarded the esteemed Okoboji Foundation Youth in Philanthropy Grant. This significant grant will support their innovative project aimed at enhancing musical experiences throughout the Okoboji Region by funding the acquisition of a new OMM Tempo Trailer.

Okoboji Music Masters, an Endeavor of the Spirit of Okoboji, is dedicated to bringing the joy of live music to every corner of Northwestern Iowa. With the support from the Okoboji Foundation, OMM is excited to hit the road with their dream music gear enclosed trailer – the OMM Tempo Trailer. This new equipment will allow OMM to expand their reach, making live music events a regular occurrence and ensuring that everyone in the community can enjoy quality performances.

"We are deeply honored to receive the Okoboji Foundation Youth in Philanthropy Grant," said Joren Kinnetz, Chair and Founder of Okoboji Music Masters. "This grant is a game-changer for us. It allows us to not only safeguard our equipment but also to bring more music to more people. Our goal is to create lasting memories and build a stronger community through shared musical experiences."

The OMM Tempo Trailer is more than just an equipment hauler; it is a mobile hub that will keep their gear safe, organized, and ready for action. By streamlining the setup and teardown processes, the trailer will enable OMM to spend more time engaging with their audience and less time managing logistics. This means they can visit more locations with greater ease, delivering vibrant cultural experiences that are central to their mission.

Mindy Gress, President of the Okoboji Foundation, shared her enthusiasm for the project, stating, "The Okoboji Foundation is proud to support Okoboji Music Masters in their mission to enhance the cultural vibrancy of our region. This grant, categorized under Community Needs, was reviewed by our Youth in Philanthropy students who were thrilled about the widespread impact and increased opportunities it brings to the region. The Foundation and our students eagerly anticipate the exciting events and community connections that will result from this grant."

About Okoboji Music Masters

Our Mission is to entertain audiences with exceptional musicians dedicated to delivering quality fun performances.  Our crew is a diverse mix of volunteers, high school students and adults jamming alongside many of our talented local music teachers. We're a band of melody makers not only from the Greater Iowa lakes area, but our musicians travel in from communities like Spencer, Linn Grove, Armstrong and others, bringing together communities with every note we play.  Learn more and see upcoming events at www.OkobojiMusicMasters.com

About The Okoboji Foundation

For over 100 years, the Iowa Great Lakes have been the setting for some of Iowa’s most beautiful stories. The Okoboji Foundation is dedicated to capturing these stories and ensuring the history and legends of the Lakes remain intact and thriving for years to come. Through the generosity of the community, we have been able to help preserve the parks, facilities, and ecosystems that make The Lakes Region a place people love to visit or call home.  The Okoboji Foundation is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life in the Iowa Great Lakes region through strategic grantmaking and community initiatives.  Learn more at www.OkobojiFoundation.org

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Joren Kinnetz