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26 Oct 2023

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Formed in 1992, Veridian Fire Protective Gear was purchased by its current owner, Bill Van Lent in 1996.  In 1997 the manufacturing was moved to Spencer, Iowa. The company sees continued growth with the addition of manufacturing facilities in Arkansas and Des Moines, Iowa. Currently, they have over 130 employees with 42 in the Spencer location.

Veridian produces FireFighter’s Protective Clothing (structural, proximity, technical rescue and wild-land) as well as additional FireFighter protective elements like hoods, gloves, suspenders and boots. Recently they’ve expanded into military gloves as well. Their products ship across the United States, Canada, Central America, South America, the Caribbean, Asia and the Middle East. Within the Corridor region, most of the Fire Departments wear Veridian gear.

Employees at Veridian take pride in workmanship. They are willing to learn new skills, are reliable and team-oriented. As Veridian manufactures custom-built protective clothing for First Responders and Soldiers, employees actively participate in the protection and safety of our communities’ lives and property.

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