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30 Oct 2023

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TransAgra International Inc. manufactures stable and functional microbial fermentation products for agriculture. They have several areas of focus to promote sustainable production on the farm: Feed, Forage, Plants, and Composting. Product lines include: products to enhance feed for animals, products to protect hay and to ensure healthy silage and an entire plant product line that includes seed treatments and foliar applications. Manufacture of these great products happens in Storm Lake, Iowa.

TransAgra International Inc. was originally founded in the 1960s with leadership from Herbert R. Peer, the inventor of the original manufacturing process used to make TransAgra’s products. A man ahead of his time, Herb Peer understood the value of probiotics, prebiotics and postbiotics before those terms had even been coined. Throughout the years, the company continued its microbial research. Researchers have fine-tuned the advanced fermentation process and today’s product is the culmination of 64 years of research. By feeding its bacteria certain ingredients throughout the fermentation cycle and then stabilizing the fermentate, the resulting postbiotic solution produces beneficial nutrients that are immediately bioavailable for use. The postbiotic solution, known as Culbac (“CULtured BACteria”), supports a wide spectrum of beneficial bacteria which gives it broad applications in anything with a microbiome (animal, plants and forage).

Culbac products are registered in and used throughout the United States. Additionally, TransAgra exports to Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Egypt, Turkey, Kuwait, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and has new efforts in Australia, New Zealand, UAE, Qatar and Brazil.

Now that more people understand the microbiome (60 years after the founding of TransAgra), this minority- and woman-owned company is reaching its stride! Though their site is small, they have a big reach and impact farming in many foreign countries. A lot of international visitors come to the Storm Lake site. Meeting people from different countries and learning about the many different global farming approaches helps the company keep a world-wide perspective. TransAgra is a small company in a small community, but the seven employees in Storm Lake come from diverse backgrounds and work well together because they appreciate and respect each other’s diversity of views and unique abilities and approaches.

TransAgra’s manufacturing center has been located in Storm Lake for 64 years. They are happy to be in the Corridor region and in Iowa and believe that they can positively affect the farms in the Midwest with support and outreach beyond the products the company has developed.

Employees of TransAgra can feel good about the work they do with interesting and effective products that support animal health and welfare, improve sustainability on the farm and enhance plant growth, drought resistance and crop yield. They also can know they are helping to feed the world through all-natural products that help in many areas of agricultural production. Each day, TransAgra has the chance to change the world for the better. 

Anyone interested in long-term, full-time employment in a rewarding environment can contact TransAgra appreciates good communication skills, a strong work ethic, attention to detail and honesty. Learn more about the company at