Sara Taylor: 2024 Young Professional of the Year

Sara Taylor: 2024 Young Professional of the Year Main Photo

21 Feb 2024

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Sara Taylor is currently the Executive Director of the Spencer Regional Healthcare Foundation. Sara was born and raised in Spirit Lake. She attended Wartburg College where she earned her Bachelor’s in Biology and then Allen College where she received her Bachelor’s in Nursing. She then returned home to the Corridor region to start her career and life with her now husband. Sara currently resides in Okoboji and works in Spencer, and was described in her nomination as “a dynamo in both her home community and her work community.”

“The Corridor Region provides that small-town feel with big city opportunities. We are so lucky to have so many wonderful resources and such kind people to help lend a hand when needed. I feel so blessed to be able to raise our kiddos in such a generous and family-like community with great churches, school systems, and people!”

In 2015, Sara began working at Spencer Hospital as a Registered Nurse. She has been a leader and role model for others throughout her entire career as a charge nurse on the Medical/Surgical floors, working with the hospitalist team, serving as a patient advocate, and as a women’s health coordinator. At Spencer Hospital, she has been sought out for a variety of leadership roles due to her qualities of leadership, communication, and compassionate care.

“I've always loved people and building relationships. I enjoy lending a hand when I can. I like to understand both perspectives and in a small town it's important to try and continue learning. You never know what someone else has going on in their life. I want to be helpful to anyone I come in touch with, even it's as simple as sharing a smile or holding a door open for someone, that can make a big difference in someone's day.”

Through her role as Executive Director for the Spencer Regional Healthcare Foundation, Sara has taken a special interest in helping patients who are experiencing special challenges due to limited resources and their healthcare status. As such, she has helped to arrange transportation for patients and find resources to assist in meeting these patients’ individualized needs, demonstrating compassion and respect for each person.

“(Our family) likes to be busy – we enjoy boating in the summer, hanging out with friends and family, and traveling. My husband is in the food concession business so travels to a variety of state fairs and we like to go and visit him when he’s on the road! One of my hobbies also includes music – I enjoy singing in our church choir, at weddings or other various events throughout the community. Music has always been a fun hobby of mine, I sang opera in college and it’s something that I’ll always enjoy doing in my free time.”

In addition to her career and being a wife and a mother of three kids, Sara is also involved in a number of community and volunteer roles like Hy-Noon Kiwanis, Spencer Ambassadors, Pearson Lakes Art Center Board, First Lutheran Church in Milford, Pioneer Parents, Youth baseball coach, and even sings for a variety of community events as needed.

“Sometimes it’s difficult to try to spread yourself amongst multiple communities. I grew up in one community, live and my children go to school in a different community, and I work in another community. But it’s really been empowering to try to challenge myself to be a part of all of the communities to some extent. You always know you’re going to meet someone who can be a resource or who can help you with something else.”

As was stated in the nomination, “Our region is fortunate that Sara chose to ‘come home’ to the Iowa Lakes Corridor Region to raise her family, care for others through her healthcare skills, and serve her communities through volunteerism.”

Congratulations, Sara, on being the Corridor’s 2024 Young Professional of the Year!